Best Qatar JOB in Nepal

Street car accidents have turned into a significant general medical condition. By concentrating on the measurements of weighty vehicle crashes on the planet, clearly albeit weighty vehicle drivers experience fewer crashes than private vehicle drivers, a huge level of weighty vehicle crashes prompts demise. Thus, distinguishing the driving attributes of weighty vehicle drivers is significant. In this review, 474 Iranian transporters were evaluated eye to eye. The reaction pace of the review was 80%, of the members who responded to the inquiries on two conducted surveys: Driver Behavior Questionnaire (DBQ) and Attention-Related Driving Error Scale (ARDES). Likewise, two rest evaluating polls, Global Dissatisfaction with Sleep (GSD) and the Berlin Questionnaire, were finished. Corroborative Factor Analysis (CFA) was utilized to affirm the legitimacy of DBQ and ARDES for Iranian weighty vehicle drivers. From that point forward, a Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was utilized to distinguish the impact of rest qualities on transporter ways of behaving. Results showed that more transporters are disappointed with their rest, the more day-to-day weariness they endure, and thusly, the more mistakes, slips, infringement, and absentmindedness they display. A comparative outcome pattern was gotten for driver openness. Likewise, the outcomes showed that the more costly a truck is, the less day-to-day weakness felt by the driver of the truck. Thus, this prompts a less unusual driving ways of behaving and carelessness during driving. Best Qatar JOB in Nepal

Best Qatar JOB in Nepal
Best Qatar JOB in Nepal

Job Descriptions :

BLACK PEARL CO WLLQATAR is hiring 73 heavy driver in Qatar. It is easy and simple to apply to this demand. it is located in Qatar, Kuwait. You can directly email to: [email protected] Best Qatar JOB in Nepal

MOBHIRA RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT. LTD. is the official recruitment partner for this company. The recruitment company office phone number is 01-4378936.

Best Qatar JOB in Nepal

Job Details:

  • Lot Number: 269147
  • Approval Date: 8/9/2022
  • Company Name : BLACK PEARL CO WLL
  • Country: QATAR
  • Salary: 2200.00 QR
  • uota : 73 (Male) 0 (Female)
  • Skill Type : Skilled
  • Qualification : Not mentioned
  • Contract Period : 2 years
  • Daily Work Hour : 8 hours
  • Weekly Work Day : 6 Days
  • Food Facility : Yes
  • Accommodation : Yes
  • Manpower Address : Budanilkantha 2 Hattigauda, Kathmandu BAGMATI, Nepal.
  • Recruitment Agency Contact Num: +977-01-4378936

how to much earn in heavy driver in qatar ?

The average salary for Heavy Driver is QAR 4,000 per month in the Doha, Qatar Area. The average additional cash compensation for a Heavy Driver in the Doha, Qatar Area is QAR 8,400, with a range from QAR 500 – QAR 16,000.

What is the monthly salary of Driver in Qatar?

The average salary for drivers in Qatar starts from 1,226 QAR. A courier or delivery driver can expect 10,700 QAR per month, while truck drivers earn 9,800 QAR and house drivers can see salaries starting from 3,641 QAR.

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