Are you looking for Best STORE KEEPER Job in qatar? If yes then you are in the right article. In this article you will get the information of the Best STORE KEEPER Job in Qatar.

Thaam al Shaay is one of the best companies in Qatar. You can also check this company. It is located in Qatar and it is one of the reputed companies.


Job Description

Thaam al Shaay is hiring a few workers in Qatar. Thaam al Shaay is located in Qatar, Doha. You can email directly contact the company on [email protected]

Blue Moon Overseas Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is an official recruitment partner for job descriptions. This recruitment agency is located on Kathmandu N.P. 7 chabazite Kathmandu BAGMATI

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Job in Qatar
Job in Qatar
  • Lot Number: 268884
  • Approval Date: 2022-08-07
  • Company Name : Thaam al Shaay
  • Country: Qatar
  • Salary: 2000.00 QR (Qatar)
  • uota : 1 (Male) 0 (Female)
  • Skill Type : Skilled
  • Contract Period : 2 years
  • Daily Work Hour: 8 hours
  • Weekly Work Day: 6 Days
  • Food Facility : No
  • Accommodation : Yes
  • Recruitment Agency Name of Nepal : Blue Moon Overseas Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Manpower Address : Kathmandu N.P. 7 chabahil Kathmandu BAGMATI
  • Recruitment Agency Contact Num: +977-014488136
  • recruitment Agency Licence Num : 312/059/60

Specific Requirements

  • Fluent in English
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • Good Communication Skills
  • SLC or SEE
  • General Knowledge About Company

What are the duties of best store keeper job in qatar?

The duties of a store keeper vary depending on the size and type of business. Generally, store keepers are responsible for stocking the store with the necessary items, maintaining the inventory, and providing customer service.

How much is the salary of a storekeeper?

A storekeeper is responsible for keeping a store or warehouse organized and stocked. They may also be responsible for receiving shipments and keeping track of inventory. Storekeepers typically work in retail stores, manufacturing plants, or warehouses.

The average salary for a storekeeper is $11.46 per hour. Storekeepers who are responsible for receiving shipments and keeping track of inventory may earn a higher salary.

Is storekeeper a good career?

A storekeeper is responsible for maintaining the inventory of a store. This may include stocking shelves, organizing products, and keeping track of stock levels. Storekeepers may also be responsible for processing customer orders and ensuring that products are available when needed.

Storekeeping can be a good career for those who are organized and detail-oriented. It is important to be able to work well under pressure and to be able to keep track of inventory levels. Storekeepers need to be able to communicate effectively with customers and fellow employees.

How do you interview a storekeeper?

When interviewing a storekeeper, there are a few key questions you should ask in order to get a better understanding of their role and responsibilities. Here are a few examples:

What are your primary responsibilities as a storekeeper?

What duties do you typically perform on a daily basis?

How do you ensure that inventory is accurately maintained and restocked as needed?

What procedures do you follow in the event of a product recall?

How do you handle customer inquiries and complaints?

By asking questions like these, you can get a better sense of what it takes to be a storekeeper and whether or not the individual you’re interviewing is a good fit for the job

What is the qualification of store keeper?

A store keeper is someone who oversees the day-to-day operations of a retail store. This includes organizing the store’s inventory, hiring and firing employees, and managing finances. In order to be a store keeper, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent and a degree in business or a related field. You’ll also need experience in retail management, as well as strong financial management skills.

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