Best Dubai JOB in Nepal. A server or server works in a bar, café, inn, or for a catering organization taking clients’ requests, and conveying the feast from the kitchen to the table. They might work in a specific region, for example, silver help or wine administration. Best Dubai JOB in Nepal

Best Dubai JOB in Nepal

You could be: Preparing the tables with materials, napkins, cutlery and embellishments like blossoms
inviting the coffee shops and showing them to a table, responding to inquiries regarding the menu and suggesting wine getting on paper or recollecting orders for food and drink and bringing the request into the kitchen conveying each course of the feast from the kitchen to the table in silver help, serving food onto burger joints’ plates from a platter adjusted on your arm watching the coffee shops to see when they are prepared for the following course and gathering messy plates
printing off the bill, taking installment with money, charge or Mastercard and giving change and the receipt cleaning and preparing the tables for the following coffee shops
managing a few tables without a moment’s delay, each at an alternate phase of the dinner. Best Dubai JOB in Nepal.

Best Dubai JOB in Nepal

Job Description

ALWALSHIN STAR HOSPITALITY SERVICES is hiring a few male and female workers in Dubai. ALWALSHIN STAR HOSPITALITY SERVICES is located in UAE, Dubai. You can email directly contact the recruitment company on [email protected]

Shuvam Overseas Employment (P) Ltd. is an official recruitment partner for job descriptions. This recruitment agency is located on Kathmandu N.P. 32 Tinkune ,Koteshwor Kathmandu BAGMATI Nepal.

You can call Recruitment agency Manpower on 4484185/9851073220.

Best Dubai JOB in Nepal

Job in U.A.E (Dubai)

  • Lot Number: 268980
  • Approval Date: 8/7/2022
  • Country: Dubai
  • Salary: 1000.00 AED (Dubai)
  • uota : 25 (Male) 25 (Female)
  • Post : Waiter
  • Skill Type : Skilled
  • Contract Period : 2 years
  • Daily Work Hour: 8 hours
  • Weekly Work Day: 6 Days
  • Food Facility : Yes
  • Accommodation : Yes
  • Recruitment Agency Name of Nepal : Shuvam Overseas Employment (P) Ltd.
  • Manpower Address : Kathmandu N.P. 32 Tinkune ,Koteshwor Kathmandu BAGMATI, Nepal.
  • Recruitment Agency Contact Number: +977-4484185/9851073220
  • Interview: Venue (स्थान): Head Office Kathmandu N.P. Kathmandu, Date (मिति): 8-16-2022 – 8-16-2022, Time (समय):10:0:0 AM

Specific Requirements

  • Fluent in English
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • Good Communication Skills
  • General Knowledge About Company

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What is the responsibility of waiter in hotel?

Greeting guests and taking drink and food orders. Staying attentive to the needs of guests in the dining area. Delivering food from the kitchen to the guests. Ensuring the food order is made correctly by kitchen staff and looks presentable for guests.

Waiter or Waitress job description: Job duties and responsibilities?

  • Provide excellent customer services.
  • Always strive towards best customer satisfaction.
  • Greet customers and present menus.
  • Make suggestions based on their preferences.
  • Take and serve food/drinks orders.
  • Up-sell when appropriate.
  • Arrange table settings.

Who is called as waiter in a hotel?

Terminology. An individual waiting tables (or waiting on or waiting at tables) or waitering or waitressing is commonly called a waiter, server, front server, waitress, member of the wait staff, waitstaff, serving staff server, waitperson, or waitron.

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